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ERP Manufacturing

Are you looking for the right solution for your manufacturer? If you need to find a perfect solution for your business. We are providing ERP Manufacturing Software so we call the Effective Enterprise Solution. Please let us know any your inquiries.



CRM is Effective Management Tool all departments who can use it as simple. Especially we focus in CRM. We believe its helps your business have increase the customers and revenue.


Mobile Applications

We are providing develop enterprise Mobile Applications software (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). We can do as any outsource and your requirements. We have a professional team can help you have a best enterprise mobile application.


Marketing Solution

Marketing can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas. We are providing SEM, GDN, Facebook Ad, E-Mail Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social WiFi Marketing.


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Manufacturing ERP Solutions

Manufacturing ERP Industrial
We have a professional and skillful team to provide a ENTERPRISE MANUFACTURING ERP SOLUTION to help our customers create value by delivering innovative business solutions.
Automotive (Ngành ô tô)
High Technology (Ngành Công Nghệ Cao)
Industrial Products (Ngành Sản Phẩm Công Nghiệp)
Consumer Goods (Ngành Hàng Tiêu Dùng)
Food and Beverage (Ngành Thực Phẩm & Thức Uống)
Life Science – Pharma (Ngành Khoa Học, Dược Phẩm)

CRM ERP Solutions

CRM ERP Tourism and Travel
CRM ERP Tour and Travel
We provide a powerful CRM ERP SOLUTION business automation that can be configured to match the variety of business models. We offer a solution that suits your company anytime, anywhere. 
Manage inventory of direct contracts with suppliers
Configure sales rules and channels
Sell via preferred distribution channels (B2B, B2C, corporate clients)
Flexible gateway for online payments and integration with other 3rd party software
Intuitive user interface, multi-languages and multi-currency support
Available online access 24/7
Unified connectivity solution for travel suppliers
Powerful CRM ERP enterprise manager tool

Internet Marketing Solutions

cloud social wifi marketing
WiFi Marketing Solution - WifiZone.vn
We have a professional and skillful team and we have comple solution for INTERNET MARKETING to help our customers create value by delivering innovative business solutions.
Facebook Marketing (Quảng cáo Facebook)
Google Adwords (Quảng cáo trên Google tìm kiếm)
Mobile Marketing (Quảng Cáo tiếp thị trên Di động)
SMS Marketing (Quảng Cáo Tin Nhắn SMS)
Social Wi-Fi Marketing/Bluetooth/NFC Marketing (Quảng Cáo Tiếp thị trên Mạng không dây)
Skype Ads Banner (Quảng Cáo Banner trên Skype)
WiFi Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social WiFi, Mobile Marketing

We are a genuine consultants and techinicals who deeply understands the challenges of our customers business and is always ready to go extra miles to deliver exactly the right solution for your business.

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